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wizard of oz, yellow brick road
Escape From Oz

Up to 10 players - Easy

 (formerly Wicked Witch's Castle)

You find yourself at the entrance to the haunted forest; trapped in a world of black and white. The Wicked Witch has stolen all of the gifts the Great and Powerful Oz bestows upon Dorothy and her friends. As citizens of Oz, you embark on a mission to find the stolen items. You must succeed before the hourglass runs empty or the witch will trap Dorothy in Oz forever!

Are you wise enough to recover the gifts and return them to the land of color before Dorothy arrives in Oz?

*This game is good for all ages and great for team-building*

Black and White Classic Gen 1 escape game
Yin & Yang

Up to 8 players - Medium

A classic generation-one escape room experience! Square off against locks, keys, and codes in this single-room game with a focus on traditional puzzles and puzzle solving with some modern twists. Yin & Yang is a fantastic starting point for first-time players to harmonize your minds to a new way of thinking and problem solving; as well as a great throwback challenge for experienced veterans of the sport. 

*This game contains math problems, word puzzles, combination locks, and other items that younger children may not understand. If you are looking to book a child's birthday party, Runestone or Escape From Oz may have more child friendly puzzles and games*

Magic, Dragons, Wizards, Potions

Up to 10 players - Medium

​​The dreaded and powerful wizard, known as Vayce, has stolen the magical Runestones. By funneling the Runestones' colossal energy, Vayce prepares to extinguish the sun and all life along with it. You and your group have volunteered to infiltrate Vayce's lair in an attempt to recover the Stones. Vayce's power is growing and the darkness has begun, please hurry!!

*This game is good for all ages and great for team-building*

Spy espionage secret agents
Operation: Counterpart

Up to 8 players - Medium/Hard

Your agent has gone missing... You arrive at their last know location, a clandestine safehouse.  As you step up to the door you hear the radio chatter of your CO cut through.
"All right agents, we've only got one shot at this. We have agents out in the field preparing to rescue agent S. What we do not have is the weapon they had on them. The electronic suitcase needs to be collected at all costs. We believe agent S. was able to stash the device here but even I don't know their full security protocol. We can only buy about an hour of time before this hits the world stage. I'll meet you once we tap into the safe houses comms. I trust you agents.  "
Your CO stays silent for a moment or two...
"Well what are you waiting for? BREACH
Area 51 hidden bunker
Case File X

Up to 10 players - Medium/Hard

Following the Freedom of Information Act, all files and documents located within Area 51 were to be made public. To preserve the secrecy of their most coveted files, some documents were moved to a secret hidden bunker located here in Arizona.

You and your team of renegade journalists have discovered its location. Under the cover of darkness, you infiltrate the bunker to retrieve the most highly classified document dubbed Case File X. Find this file and escape before you are discovered, and your names are erased from existence forever.

*This game is good for all ages and great for team-building*  **Epilepsy Warning: This room has flashing, police style lights and some loud noises**

Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Up to 10 players - Medium/Hard

Your imagination has run off faster than a rabbit. But wait, where are you? If you don't know where you were going, then it doesn't much matter how you got here, now does it? Are you going mad? You hear music in the distance that sounds like a party! Perhaps there is someone here in this crazy world that can help you escape this world of Wonderland. You should move quickly before you completely lose your head.

*This is a very large game with a variety of fun puzzles. This game is good for all ages and great for team-building.* 

Evil possessed witch child
The Painter's Collection

Up to 8 players - Hard

The local painter is accused of practicing witchcraft by the villagers of the nearby town. They attack the poor man and unleash a power they could never have imagined. Unbeknownst to them, his young daughter, an aspiring painter herself, is the true witch. She was able to capture her father's soul within one of her paintings in order to keep him close-by.

To avenge her fathers' attack, the young witch has begun luring people into her home - trapping their souls into her paintings for all eternity - proving evermore that every decision comes with consequences. 

* If you have never played an escape room before we do not recommend beginning with this one. Please try one of our other rooms first. This game can become overwhelming to novice players. We want you to enjoy your experience. This game is spooky and difficult, it is NOT recommended for children*

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