Receptionist...or...Game Master??

Although we may not currently be hiring, we are always accepting applications and we keep them on file for 60 days. Apply today!

Must have a happy, outgoing personality!!! Must be clean-cut, polite, respectful, and responsible. If you love to talk, laugh, and interact with people - then this is the environment for you! From the moment a person walks through our doors, we want them to leave their stress and worries behind them. This is a fun, live, interactive escape game facility that is custom designed to transport you to a new world.

Upon entering, our guests should be greeted by a smiling, bubbly Receptionist who welcome them, go over our rules & regulations, sign their acknowledgement form, and answer any questions they may have.

The Receptionist should be equally graceful and cheery with the clients standing in front of them as they are with any potential guests who may call on the phone or send us an email. Receptionists are also responsible for ensuring the lobby, halls, and restrooms are clean & inviting for all of our guests to enjoy. After their warm reception and legalities are complete, the guests will be greeted by an amazingly fun Game Master who will re-confirm the house rules as he/she gets the group pumped up and ready to enter their escape room adventure!

The Game Master will provide the initial story-line and set the stage - so this person is the primary key that will help ensure the guests have a phenomenal experience. The job doesn't stop after the door is closed - that is when the focus begins. Each themed room is monitored by the Game Master via cameras and microphones set up throughout the rooms. This enables the Game Master to watch the guests' progress, and provide helpful hints and guidance along their way. These games are meant to be challenging, but not frustrating. The Game Master MUST pay close attention to their group, and not only ensure that our props and games are not being damaged, but also that the guests are having fun while moving forward throughout their entire experience. Whether the group succeeds or fails - it is vital that the Game Master retrieves their guests with the same positive, encouraging energy that he/she provided at the beginning of the experience.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why the next step is a special photo in our photo booth, then the Game Master will bid them farewell before returning to reset the room for the next group of challengers. Every item, every clue, every puzzle, must be set up EXACTLY in order. Attention to detail is mandatory!! If one piece is out of order, it can ruin the game for the next party. Speed is also important. Each group is scheduled to begin at a specific time, and no customer should ever have to wait beyond their appointed time to begin their experience. Game Masters can make or break an escape room encounter.

If you are a fun person who loves to help people laugh and have a great time; if you are detail oriented and understand puzzles and the importance of game play; if you love working in a fast paced environment - then a Game Master you should be!

Please request an application by email: Jobs@Eludesions.com

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