Welcome to Third Generation Escape Games!

Eludesions Escape Rooms features completely original escape room adventures that are designed to bring back the mystique and grandeur of your childhood imagination - an experience only the silver screen could match.

Each room has been uniquely designed to challenge and amaze mature teens and adults alike.

We invite you to grab some friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones and leave your normal life behind.

Challenge your mind and enjoy the adventure as we transport you to an exciting new world that you're sure to enjoy.

Welcome to Eludesions Escape Rooms!

Case File: X

On June 25, 2013, following the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request filed in 2005, the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of the highly secretive base for the first time known as Area 51.  In response to additional FOIA requests, the CIA was forced to declassify many once secretive documents detailing the history and purpose of this renowned facility.  To avoid further pressure, the CIA devised a covert operation to remove highly classified and sensitive documents from the facility and relocate them to a remote location in Arizona in an effort to preserve their secrecy.

You and your group of renegade journalists have tracked down this new location and have made it your purpose to seize this fleeting opportunity to uncover the most hidden and coveted of all national secrets – Case File X.  

Are You Ready?

Only you can find the truth.  Find the X file and escape before you are discovered and your names are erased from existence forever.


The dreaded and powerful wizard, known as Vayce, has stolen the magical Runestones. By funneling the Runestones' colossal energy, Vayce prepares to extinguish the sun and all life along with it.

You and your group have volunteered to infiltrate Vayce's lair in an attempt to recover the Stones. Vayce's power is growing and the darkness has begun, please hurry!!

Are You Ready

Success is vital, and time is running out. Recover the sacred Runestones before Vayce succeeds in casting his final spell to plunge the world into eternal darkness.

The Wicked Witch's Castle


The Wicked Witch has hidden the Tin Man's heart, the Scarecrow's diploma, the Lion's medal, and the magical slippers. According to legend, Dorothy should be emerging from her battered home any minute. You must locate all of the items and return them to their rightful place or the story will be altered and the Wicked Witch will be able to trap Dorothy in Oz forever.

The Witch was last spotted in the Haunted Forest, so we suggest that would be the best place for your journey to begin. Please hurry, you must prevail before the hourglass runs empty!


Are You Ready

With only 60 minutes left in the hour glass this won’t be easy.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Coming Soon!

Prepare to Book Soon


"I've never seen an escape room with so much detail and cool props!"

Kathya B.

" We've done around 25 rooms and this was one of the best sets we've seen. Very creative and detailed! The owner is fantastic and the staff was very friendly."

Janey R.

"Outstanding room! The room was very well done and staff was excellent!"

Kylie W.

"Wow!  Best escape room we have ever done! "

Alan J.

" I have been to a couple escape rooms here in Phx, this one is by for the cleanest, nicest facilities I have been to. The staff is amazing...most definitely worth the cost and the value of the experience was priceless. "

Erik D.

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