Corporate Pricing
**All pricing is before tax**

Without Catering

 1 game per player         

$33 per player 

2 games per player      

$56 per player

3 games per player      

$74 per player

Catering Temporarily Unavailable Due To Covid 19

[Minimum of 10 required]

Catering is temporarily unavailable. 

Ready To Book Your Next Team Building Event?


Corporate Team Building

Are you looking to improve the communication within your team? Maybe you are trying to find who the true leaders are? Or possibly, you are just looking for a fun group activity to help boost moral and show your employees how much they are appreciated. Whatever the reason, Eludesions Escape Rooms is for you! Your employees will have to work together and communicate effectively in order to escape, and they will have a blast doing it! Improve communication and cooperation between team members. 

Objectives of a Corporate Escape Room Event:

  • Improve communication and cooperation between team members

  • Provide controlled environment to plan and implement a new process or strategy

  • Provide an opportunity for team members to utilize skills that they may not have realized that they have

  • Test for leadership skills and style

  • Increase organizational efficiencies by completing tasks in a time-controlled and high-pressured environment.

  • Boost morale

Our entire facility was built with businesses in mind. As many already know, tax laws changed in 2018, and “entertainment” is no longer a tax write off. Meetings are still a significant tax benefit, and our location is the ONLY escape room in Phoenix that has a large lobby with a 20-foot projection screen which is perfect for your company meeting, award presentation, or team building event! Additionally, we have teamed up with two local restaurants that will cater your event right here in our facility for a bundled rate.

We encourage everyone to shop around, but we are certain you will not find another escape room facility that offers what we do. We charge per person, not per room. We have NO booking fees or reservation fees, NO invoice fees, and NO hidden costs.

Team building events can be held anytime, day or night. Off Hour games are able to start nearly simultaneously. Team building events held during our regular business hours can often be adjusted to begin simultaneously with early reservation.  

Our availability changes quickly, so make sure to book your event in advance.

**Catered events require at least 7 business days advanced notice to coordinate the food order** ​

Regular Business Hours
  • 2710 W Bell Rd Suite 1200
  • Phoenix, AZ 85053
Off Hours & Corporate Reservations

We are happy to host events any time of day. Reservations outside of regular business hours require at least 5 days advanced notice (for scheduling purposes)  and require a minimum of 4 players.  

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